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Doggies and Kittens Like Santa Too

Would you like a photo of your pet visiting Santa Claus?

Pets Dogs and Cats at Santa's House

Pets are always welcome to visit with Santa. Why should they be left out. After all, they are part of the family too. Aren't they? While we do welcome you to bring your pet anytime, we do recommend doing so earlier in the holiday season when lines are small.

We recommend not bringing pets on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays just because those days are our busiest and it is more considerate to children waiting in line.

All we ask is that you respect a few "house" guidelines during your visit.

Please note that if the "Santa on duty" for a particular shift is allergic to either cat or dog hair we will not be accepting those pets during that particular shift. We will post a sign on the door if this would be the case. You can also contact us ahead your visit to check.

1) No other children or visitors allowed in Santa's House who are not with your party while your pet is in Santa's House. Safety is a primary concern.

2) Santa Claus or the attending photographer has the right to refuse or end a visit with an animal for any reason. Again, safety is a primary concern. We love animals and prefer not to refuse a pet, however, we do reserve the right to do so if we feel the animal's temperament is not appropriate for visiting. Or if our Santa on duty has an allergy.

3) Please be respectful to others in line waiting to visit with Santa. Not all people are "pet people" and may not want pets around their small children. It is best to bring another adult with you so that if your pet becomes anxious in line you will be able to have one of your party stand in line to hold your place while you walk your pet.

4) For Dogs: Please walk your dog before entering Santa's House so that he/she has a reduced urge to mark new territory.

Visit our info and tips page for more general info to make your visit en enjoyable experience.

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