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Elisha writes . . .
"Santa's little helper and Santa were just as warm as the room, welcoming and so kind. My son was 4 and shy and scared, Santa just spoke softly and eventually my son warmed up. It was nice to see a Santa that really tried, listened, and did not frighten my son. I have been taking my son to Santa's House since he was an infant, this year he will be 6. We have always had the same Santa and helper, and that is why we continue to come back."


Dawn writes . . .
"My parents used to take me to the Santa House when I was a baby and now I take my kids. It's become a great family tradition. I love seeing my daughter tell Santa what she would like for Christmas and making sure we bake his favorite cookies. I have a picture of me at the Santa House when I was a baby, so it would be Christmas 1971. My sister and I sat on Santa's lap and I unfortunately was crying. I only had good memories after that."


Chris writes . . .
"When I was little my mom took me & my brother to the Santa Parade every year and then we would visit Santa at his house. When I got older I marched in it with the school band. When my kids were growing up I continued that tradition and now I take my grandkids! I have pictures of me sitting on his lap when I was around 5 and they love to look at them!"


Anonymous writes:
The children love sneeking a peek at Santa through the window while waiting in line. Hot chocolate and cookies are such a nice addition while waiting in line. I am 35 years old and this is where I visited Santa when I was a child. I drive from St. Louis to bring my children to this location too. I love that he is in a house. It is very intimate and I never feel rushed. We enjoy it every year.


Catherine writes:
My family and I lived in Belleville from 1964 until 1969 when my dad was stationed at Scott AFB. Santa's House is one of my fondest memories of Belleville. Going to Santa's House is one of my favorite Christmas memories. My grandmother would take my youngest brother and I to see Santa. The house was so magical looking that I truly believed it was his house. No visit to Santa ever measured up to it after we left Belleville. As I got older I always wondered if maybe I dreamed how wonderful that house looked but when I found it online I was delighted to see it was all I had remembered as a young girl of 5. Thank you!



Share your Santa's House Memories with us

Please share your Santa's House memories and experience with us. Every year a dedicated team of Optimist volunteers work hard to prepare the Santa's House so that children can visit Santa Claus. We would love to hear what you have to say about your visit. Thank you for sharing.

Read fond memories Santa's House visitors have shared with us.
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