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To make the best out of your Santa's House Visit

  • Beat The Rush - Avoid long waits by visiting Santa early. The week prior to Christmas is our busiest time with the longest lines.

  • Dress Warm - Please dress warm. It may feel comfortable with out a coat on a nice December day, however, you will wish you had dressed a bit warmer after waiting outside for a while if there is a line. Don't forget gloves or mits too. This goes for children as well as adults. Santa says so!

  • Babies - Be sure to bring an extra blanket you can use if needed to wrap around your baby on cold days. While the attending photographer will try his best to let Mothers with babies come in Santa's House as quickly as possible on very cold days, there is limited space inside. Physically, only so many people may safely enter (and fit) into the house at one time.

  • If you suspect ahead of time that your child will be scared or uncooperative while visiting Santa, it may be a good idea to visit early in December before we are too busy with lines so that Santa can take more time with your child. Some parents have also visited early just to drop in and say "Hi" to Santa ahead of time before their actual planned visit to tell him what they want for Christmas. This helps the child to get familiar to Santa.

  • Won't sit on Santa's Lap? - If your child refuses to visit Santa and you still would like a photo made you have a couple options. First choice is if your child will stand next to Santa's chair just close enough to be in a picture. Second, you may hold your child and stand next to Santa's chair or stand behind Santa. We have even ended up doing impromptu family photos because a child would not go up to Santa alone.

  • Dress Nice - The nicer you dress the better your photo will turn out. And parents should dress nice also, just in case you end up having to be in the photo too.

  • Brushes or Combs - It's a good idea to bring along a brush or comb too. There is a lot of static electricity in the air in December. Taking your child's hat off for a picture after entering Santa's house can reveal a whole new hair style you might want to comb out.

  • Waiting In Line - Please be patient in line if we are busy. And standing in line when it is cold makes it seem even longer. Just remember that the current group in Santa's House visiting him waited in the same line you are standing in.

  • Photographs - Please review our photo products so you have an idea ahead of time what you would like the attending photographer to make for you. Each product is made while you wait so the sooner the photographer knows what you want to get, the quicker the line can progress. It can take several minutes for a larger photo order to be made.

  • Ordering lots of Photos? - If you are ordering several photos to be made and you have several people in your party, we recommend that one of your party stay in Santa's House to pay and wait for your photos while the rest of your party can go outside and wait or go back to the car where they can start warming up. This helps us tremendously during busy times when we have a long line. And it keeps the line moving so Santa can visit with more children.

  • Lists, Lists, Lists - Very helpful is to have your child prepare a list to bring along to show Santa. We have seen countless times how children "freeze up" and forget everything they were going to tell Santa. Santa can read the list with your child and discover everything your child wants. If you would like the list back before you leave be sure to tell the photographer or Santa.

  • Families - There are a number a families that visit Santa each year to get a family photo made with Santa. Families are always welcome.

  • Parking - Parking is available in the lot behind the Santa House. Parking is also available in nearby local public lots. Please do not attempt to park along the public square even just to drop off members of your party. Doing so is unsafe and blocks the view of traffic. Instead. Please be safe.

  • Restrooms - For the best experience go before you get in line. It could be a long wait. Although there will be outdoor portable restrooms available they are not always ideal. But they are available if you are in need.

Info and Tips

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